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Sfeir-Semler Gallery | The Shortest Distance Between Two Points | An exhibition by Rayyane Tabet

4 April - 20 July 2013 Elsewhere & around | Exhibition

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is a line. A line is a construction of distance - in space, in time, in vision. It gives definition to form and position through connection and separation. The Trans-Arabian Pipe Line Company was established in 1946 as a joint venture between Caltex, Esso, and Mobil. TAPLine was formed to build and operate a 1213 kilometer long 78 centimeter wide steel tube to transport oil through land. With this endeavor the company described three intersecting lines - an arc of history, geography, and geometry.

Beirut Art Center | Video Vintage 1963-1983 | A Selection of the New Media Collection, Centre Pompidou, Paris

18 April - 27 June 2013 Elsewhere & around | Exhibition

Beirut Art Center is pleased to present Video Vintage 1963 - 1983, an exhibition of 72 videos by over 50 international artists selected from Centre Pompidou′s New Media Collection. The videos in this exhibition are presented in a «vintage» setting. The staged living rooms in the exhibition space invite visitors to view works of video art in their original historical dimension, in a «homely» atmosphere.


21 May 2013 Elsewhere & around | Open House

“Open House” and presentation of projects in Mansion. The artist studios will be open for visits. Mansion is an abandoned 800m² villa transformed into a multipurpose collective space with studios and offices for artists, researchers, designers, architects, NGOs, etc. Mansion is a self-funded project, located in the centre of Beirut.

Portal 9

18 May 2013 Elsewhere & around | Open Studio

Please join the Portal 9 team in an open studio to celebrate the release of the second issue of the journal in Spring 2013. Portal 9's second issue addresses The Square through fiction, narratives, and academic writing, as well as artistic and critical reviews. The Square issue also reveals essays and articles from Casablanca, Tunis, Cairo, Beirut, Kuwait, Al Manama, Paris, Brazilia, and other cities around the world.

Arab Image Foundation

17 May 2013 Elsewhere & around | Book Launches & Open Houses

Please join the members, staff and friends of the Arab Image Foundation for an informal discussion about the AIF's current programs and future plans. Recent additions to the collection will also be on display.


20 May 2013 Elsewhere & around | Book Launches & Open Houses

Come meet Kalamon magazine’s editorial team at the Home Workspace Library. Open for writers, artists and anyone interested in contributing to Kalamon’s future issues and projects. All earlier editions of the magazine will be available. Kalamon is a quarterly cultural magazine published in Beirut in Arabic.

Agial Art Gallery | Mantek Al Tayr | Landscape, Vision – Group of works 2007-2013

21 May - 22 June 2013 Elsewhere & around | Exhibition

Her recent paintings belong to her "Landscapes" series, a group of work on paper exploring the notion of landscape as a dimension, rather than a pictorial subject. Here, the landscape is treated as an expanded state of consciousness, often beyond or beneath language. It can be perceived as a readjustment of the sensorial experience, shifted from any discursive thought, hence "recognized" as an archetype of sorts, a primal recognition sensation.

Upcoming Elsewhere & Around

Space Edits (The Trouble with ...
May - Jul 2018

Space Edits (The Trouble with Language) | Group ShowDate: May 9 – July 18, 2018 Location: Beirut Art Center This exhibition introduces four influential figures of the 20th century, each of whom has initiated a very specific relationship between language and space, be it through transformation of poetry, performances, ready-mades, sculptures and installations, or politics of the body. Marcel Broodthaers, Guy de Cointet […]
Fragments | Rayyane Tabet
Apr - Aug 2018

Fragments | Rayyane TabetDate: April 26 – August 4, 2018 Location: Sfeir-Semler Gallery Rayyane Tabet’s Fragments explores an archaeological dig led by Max von Oppenheim, a German diplomat and ancient historian, in Tell Halaf, Northeast Syria, at the turn of the 20th century. The project stemmed from a performance presented at the 2016 Marrakech Biennale, and evolved through […]
Transposition | Talar Aghbashi...
Apr - Aug 2018

Transposition | Talar AghbashianDate: April 21 – August 25, 2018 Location: Marfa’ Gallery At once familiar and alien, landscapes are at the core of Talar Aghbashian’s work. They seem to have been the theater of chaotic events left in a state of disturbing yet peaceful silence. An uncanny feeling is felt as one identifies with these anthropomorphic landscapes […]
Sci-Fi Trilogy | Larissa Sanso...
Apr - Jun 2018

Sci-Fi Trilogy | Larissa SansourDate: April 11 – June 6, 2018 Location: Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture presents Sci-Fi Trilogy, an exhibition by Larissa Sansour. The exhibition brings together three of Sansour’s films – A Space Exodus (2009), Nation Estate (2012) and In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain (2016). […]
The Story of the Rubber Tree |...
Mar - Jun 2018

The Story of the Rubber Tree | Abed Al KadiriDate: March 9 – June 4, 2018 Location: Sursock Museum (Twin Galleries) The Story of the Rubber Tree is an ongoing project that examines the histories of Beirut’s abandoned houses, frequently re-inhabited and invaded by rubber trees. Once planted to provide shade in urban gardens, rubber trees now grow wild in the absence of people […]