Bassam El Baroni
Lyotard for the twenty-first century curator: a singular account

This course is not about Jean-François Lyotard. It is a course about curating, envisioning exhibitions and other forms of curatorial projects. It is about critical thinking on art in relation to our time and in connection to the political, making connections between ideas in the past and present. This will be achieved by using some of Lyotard’s strongest concepts and by pointing out their continuing relevance at this particular moment in history, despite Lyotard’s waning popularity in today’s sphere of critical practice. Through Lyotard, we will attempt to answer a diverse range of questions such as: What justice can an exhibition bring to the world? And, what else can a curator be if not an intellectual? After we have gone through a number of preselected texts and various analyses of Lyotard’s work, we will choose one or more concept(s) from his pool of theoretical ideas and elaborate a complete curatorial proposal based on it. This could be an exhibition proposal or a proposal for a series of related events, etc. The participants can work together on a collaborative project, but they may also develop their own projects and discuss them in the group.

There are still a few places available in Bassam El Baroni’s course at Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. If you like to participate, we are happy to receive your application.

Duration: 22 July–3 August 2013
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Image Caption: Jacques Monory, “Ciel n°29, Ciel et mur de métal avec la galaxie NGC 1199 et galaxie d’accompagnement”, 1979. Painting on metal with bullet holes, 195 x 380 cm