Deadline: June 15, 2014

T.A.P (TEMPORARY. ART. PLATFORM) is a curatorial platform that develops art projects relating to the public realm. It aims to shift art practice and discourse toward a complex contextual network of public interest and concerns.

TAP’s first open call for an artist residency, The Meziara Artist Residency, is a one-month programme taking place in the village of Meziara, Lebanon. he focus of the residency will be an industrial complex sited in the oak forest that surrounds the village. Concerned for the ecological damage caused by these commercial activities, the village municipality is finalising plans to relocate the site.

The programme offers participants the opportunity to engage with the site and the local area, address environmental issues and adopt a responsive engagement with that environment and the immediate community.

The residency is open to individuals of all ages with practices that share the concerns of the residency (collective proposals will also be considered). Temporary Art Platform is seeking submissions from artists of all disciplines, writers, architects, designers, urban planners and other cultural practitioners.

Participants will be expected to fully commit to the spirit of residency: to reside in the town for the duration of the programme and to encourage an environment of discussion, collaboration and collective engagement amongst all six participants.

T.A.P encourages the production, if relevant, of an intervention, workshop or artwork during or upon completion of the residency, however this is not mandatory.

For more information, please visit the website.