Deadline: June 13, 2014

Beirut: Bodies in Public is a three-day workshop inviting artists and researchers to think through the interdisciplinary concerns surrounding performance in public space in Beirut.

Workshop Dates: 9th –11th October 2014
Location: American University of Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)

In its recent (2013) edition on Beirut, PeepingTom Digest printed the anonymised quotation: “Art in public spaces doesn’t exist anymore.”

Researchers, artists and other cultural practitioners are invited to respond to this provocation, whether considering it as a lament, a falsehood, an opportunity, or otherwise. The workshop will take performance as its throughline of discussion, focusing on the position of embodied practice within public space and the implications of its suggested demise.

Whilst the workshop welcomes contributions dealing with practical and conceptual material generated across the globe, its location in and focus on Beirut takes account of the particular set of critical socio-material conditions informing an ongoing practice of performative acts in contemporary Lebanon.

For more information about the call and to submit, please visit the website.

Beirut: Bodies in Public takes place in association with Performance Philosophy, and is supported by the American University of Beirut, and King’s College London.