Digital methodologies residency

Deadline for application: October 11, 2017
Dates: November 2017 – April 2018
Location: Marra.tein ., Beirut

This open call for applications for 3-6 week residencies at marra.tein (beirut, lebanon) hopes to attract individuals/collectives/groups that are trying to explore and realize projects that are based in research, but grappling with some set of concerns in the digital landscape. rather than delimiting what exactly this might mean, we are casting a wide net, hoping to encourage those who are working across media and discipline to apply. there are no set outcomes expected other than aggressively trying to research and realize your project. this might include primary research, coding, exploring options for some stage of a larger project, aspects of collaboration, etc.

Those selected for the residency will have access to marra.tein (for their own accommodations) as well as the space to hold meetings, screenings, and convene on whatever issues that pertain to their work. residents are encouraged to think what local individuals, partners, and institutions with whom they want to collaborate (or be in conversation with) during their time. we hope there would be some some public outreach during the residency (an afternoon workshop, a presentation, a working group, etc).

There is a preference for applications from those currently within the region. this hopes to address issues relevant to what is happening in practices of dm in local communities currently. individuals and groups from within lebanon are encouraged to apply (but also asked to justify the use of the space for the duration of the residency).

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