Call for Submission for Writers and Artists| Rusted Radishes

Deadline: April 1st, 2017

“Housed in the American University of Beirut’s Department of English, Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal seeks writing and art that is innovative, truthful, risk-taking, and engaged. We have recently broadened our submission base and now welcome submissions from anyone who has a relationship with the Arab world, whether you are from there, have traveled or worked there, or have some other tangible connection with the region. Ultimately, our mission is to provide a home for these writers and artists. We look forward to reading work that illuminates aspects of the human condition in a way we haven’t seen before. We are currently seeking submissions for the theme “Underground.” The sewer, the intangible, buried histories, shelter (malja2), illegal things, secrecy, new waves, foundations, plants, roots, growth, movements, moles, insects, the unexplored, fertility, soil, the unconscious, infrastructure, cables, earthing and unearthing, things rising from beneath, truths surfacing, returning to nature, miscommunication, wild roots growing where they shouldn’t. These are just a few things that come to our editors’ minds when they think of “Underground.” ”
For more information about the application procedure please visit this link.