Deadline: May 17, 2014

Autopoiesis invites submission of visual and textual material from people who are either from or living in/visiting the United Arab Emirates. You don’t have to be necessarily an ‘artist’ as such as we are interested in encouraging everyday people to reflect on issues concerning their identities and cultures in relation to their daily lives in the UAE, and submit work that is representative and symbolic of these.

Your work can be in any of these forms:

Photographs and videos
Short narratives and stories
Paintings and drawings
Songs and music

For more information on the project and the submission processs, please visit the website.

A selection of work will be exhibited on the website and a physical display will be organised at King’s College London at a later stage.

Autopoiesis is led and curated by Btihaj Ajana and supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s College London.