Deadline: June 12, 2016

Metabolism: the life-sustaining chemical processes that occur within a living organism. The essential exchange of materials and energy between organisms and the exterior world.

The new edition of exposure, entitled metabolisms, transposes a notion attributed to the body and its survival into the realm of art.
Metabolism is recognized as the name for a japanese urban and architectural movement from the 1950s, but it is taken here in its organic meaning, to qualify the artistic practice conceived,as an action that triggers identified elements (material, gestures and
thought) to evolve through a chain of modifications

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Bac, together with the jury, will select the artists who will participate in the exhibition based on the quality of their work marie muracciole, director of beirut art center, will curate the show. Selected artists will work closely with her to realize a new work, or present an old work that has not yet been shown in Lebanon

All media are accepted in the field of contemporary art. The selection of the participants will be announced by mid-july Exposure 8 is scheduled to take place in mid-december

Terms and conditions for participation

– The artist must be Lebanese (from any country of residence) or a non-Lebanese resident of Lebanon
– the artist must be lebanese (from any country of residence) or a non-lebanese resident of lebanon
– the artist must propose a new work or a work never shown before in lebanon
– the artist must submit a complete application form that includes:
– a biography (which should include educational background and a list of exhibitions)
– an artist statement
– a portfolio of selected works

To apply, please request an application form by emailing