Capturing the Ephemeral | Karine Wehbé

Date: April 12 – May 11, 2018
Location: Beirut Art Residency

Karine Wehbé’s solo exhibition ‘Catching the Ephemeral’chronicles narratives from the beach resorts in northern Lebanon while investigating the process of recollection. Using locations and objects as signifiers of events, Wehbé’s new series dislocates the object onto another stage and explores the failure to recreate a sentiment associated with a moment, person or location.

“The Beach Resorts of Northern Lebanon” is a long term project focusing on the architecture and histories of the littoral in Lebanon. Examining personal and group histories that mutate over time into a collective half fiction, the stories take place in an architecture that is intentionally built around the idea of holiday luxury.

Spanning different reiterations, thematics, formats and collaborations, the project started in 2008 with the 98weeks workshop “The ruins in the city” led by Lara Almarcegui and Cecilia Andersson. Soon after, Wehbe photodocumented a restaging of events for the Beirut Art Center exhibition “Exposure”. In 2014, she co-directed the short film Summer 91′ set in the Lebanese beach resorts. More recently in 2017, after years of building her archive and documentation, Wehbé published “Stop Here For Happy Holidays” primarily funded by the Sharjah Biennal.

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