Deadline: July 15, 2015

The RESIDENCY is the first financial support scheme launched by DOX BOX in early summer 2015. Its aim is to support sociopolitically-engaged documentary films from the Arab countries that are reliant on the recontextualization of a pre-existing audiovisual heritage stemming primarily from citizen journalist and video activist material.

As financial support, The RESIDENCY provides directors and editors, as well as editorial teams, the opportunity and resources to edit their films to completion in Berlin, Germany. This includes covering accommodation and costs of living in Berlin, as well as providing a fully-equipped professional editing suite, technical and artistic support, supervision by a team of experts, and most importantly, dramaturgic consultation by internationally-acclaimed editors. The duration of The RESIDENCY can range from three to twelve weeks and is determined according to the length and nature of the material submitted, level of experience of the filmmakers, stage of editing, and the specific needs of the project.

The RESIDENCY is not only a technical and financial opportunity. It offers participants a safe, enlightening and professional environment in which to reach best decisions in the editing of their films. Each Residency award is supplemented by a tailored program of inspirational sessions including screenings, discussions, recreation, networking and personal visits with industry professionals.

The application can be completed in Arabic, Tamazight, Kurdish, English or German. Eligible are projects of any documentary film genre and all documentary filmmakers and video activists regardless of age (18+), previous experience or academic achievements, or political, national, ethnic, religious or artistic background.

The first Residency period is slated for fall 2015. The application opens on June 15 and the deadline for receiving all materials is July 15. Only fully-completed applications submitted in the above-stated languages will be considered by the selection committee.

For more information and to apply, please click here.