Dates: March 9 – May 14, 2016
Opening on March 9, 6 – 9pm
Location: Marfa’ Projects, Beirut

Caline Aoun (b 1983, Beirut) is a visual artist whose work engages issues related to urbanism, architecture, print and digital advertising space. Aoun invites the audience to consider and question a set of elements that open up to larger notions of over-consumerism, excess and saturation.

In Fields of Space, her usage of objects and materials — from shipping container floors, silver scratch ink, ledgers, and industrial shipping palettes seeks to reawaken the possibilities of how we envision space, objects and the materiality around us. This body of work thus operates as a radical material reorientation in which excess becomes equilibrium, where noise is pacified and information is ordered into material pleasure.

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