Haig Aivazian – I Am Sick But I Am Alive
Dates: September 1 – December 30 Location: Location: Sfeir-Semler Gallery

The gallery will show new works from the artist’s most recent project, Hastayim Yasiyorum (I am Sick but I am Alive). A project which includes sculpture, drawing, live performance and video. The works reflect on the history and contemporary state of modal “Oriental” music after the dismantlement of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of nationalism amidst the regional drive towards modernity. It was in this period that ethnomusicologists collected and arranged pieces of rural folklores, to construct out of them musical repertoires that reflected pure national identities. Aivazian uses as starting point Turkish-Armenian oud master Udi Hrant Kenkulian (1901-1978), a significant contributor to Turk Sanat Muzigi (Turkish Art Music): a salon style music derived from Ottoman classics but incorporating influences from Western classical music – a hybrid style central to the new and so-called progressive republican identity.

About the Artist
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