On becoming two
Tony Chakar

Dates: 25 January 2017 – 28 March 2017
Location: Beirut Art Center

The aim of this stratagem is to play with and against a certain architecture and specific context, using as a starting point chakar’s relation to his different practices: architecture, text and language. Every moment of the exhibition represents the material mutation of a specific gesture in his work, from the pages of a book growing to the size of a wall, or a map spread substituting itself to the reconstruction of an event or performative gesture. The exhibition provides the specific framework for a singular voice, one that is embodied in beirut; a context in which post-war antagonisms and divisions have resulted in complex artistic activity, which in turn gave way to a scene dependent on the requirements and standards of the art market.

In response to this evolution, chakar develops a dialectic of presence and forgetfulness that borrows from different areas of perception, and is furthermore echoed in the title of the exhibition: on becoming two is a defense of dissociation, doubt and critical distance. Chakar cites the poet hölderlin: this conversation that we are. Visitors will have access to a work begun twenty years ago, wherein the examination of beliefs that constitute modernity opens a poetic space, providing in the process a live quality to the sharing of knowledge.

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