Opening: July 9, at 7pm
Date: July 9 – August 29, Mon-Fri from 9am to 6pm, Sat on appointment
Location: Workshop Gallery, Sin el Fil

AER | Solo exhibition by Vincent Verhoef
Curated by Aisha Berg

AER is the first solo exhibition outside Europe of Dutch artist Vincent Verhoef (1982). Greek and Latin for air, the title alludes to classical artistic materials and the fact that air can both form materials and corrupt them irrevocably.
Captivated by the power of the physical object and its abyss of mysteries Vincent Verhoef works in the realm of sculpture, painting and installation. The materials he uses, such as wood, metal, marble, chemicals and oil paint, have in common that they are, for him, all possessed by a certain heaviness, they are somehow both tainted and blessed by history. In that sense the works function within this specifically defined art historical context. The pictorial, the decorative, the representational or the abstract should originate from something hidden and unknown, from the wall that is frozen, from the sculpture that is dead, a suspended death, from limbo. It will appear from the subconscious, concealed in the wall, from underneath a shiny surface and from within the grains of the wood.