25 September – 5 October, 2014
at KiT Gallery, Trondheim, Norway

Opening: Thursday, September 25 at 6pm

I killed a bull but I couldn’t be a Torero is curated by Mahmoud Khaled,
with students of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts: Doa AlyAlexander ApostolBasim MagdyHaig Papazian and Milica Tomić.

Heroism, power struggles and identity politics have always been very rich subjects and sources of inspiration for a lot of artworks, but this exhibition is more inspired by imagining and questioning what art can be when it is most threatened by hysteria, fear, corruption, injustice and expectations. Most of the featured artworks here were created out of a deep artistic struggle with this question or equation.

To collectively visualize and imagine what heroism means in the subconsciousness of an Art School, the students of Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts selected their most favorite and iconic artwork/image that represented “Heroism”, either engaged with it as a subject or that it became an object of heroism at a certain time in History.

For photographs of the exhibition, click here.