Date: November 14th, 2013, 1pm
Location: Binger Film Lab, Amsterdam

The Arab Camera Festival organizes a master class on Thursday, November 14th, hosted by The Film Binger Lab in Amsterdam. Karim Traïdia (director of The Polish Bride, nominated for a Golden Globe) discusses with Arab filmmakers about censorship before and after the Arab Spring and how it is that the number of female directors since the revolutions in the Arab world has increased significantly. The panel includes Bahraa Hijazi (Syria), Madeleine Umewaka (Lebanon) and – yet to be confirmed – Hala Lotfy (Egypt).

The master class is open to film makers (m/f) from home and abroad. There is place for up to 35 participants. Starts at 13:00 pm at the Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal 4-10 in Amsterdam. Register by e-mail mention: Master Class Binger Film Lab .

Panel and participants will address the following questions: How did screenwriters write and directors film in times of dictatorship in the Arab world and how about now, after the “Arab Spring “? Is there more freedom of expression; is there a greater artistic freedom? Has the self-censorship disappeared out of their minds, can they write and make films about ‘everything’? How can you continue to make films you even want to produce in times of censorship and restriction?

Arab Camera Festival
The Arab Camera Festival is a four-day journey through the Arab world in Rotterdam at film theatre Cinerama which takes place from November 14th until November 17th. Meet the rich history, political complexity, but also the beauty and artistry of this particular part of the world.

The Binger Film Lab

Binger Film Lab is an international institution for talent and project development, both in the field of film and documentary. Screenwriters, directors and (creative) producers from all over the world collaborate here with fellow film makers to carry out their film projects. They supported by a team of international experts.

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