Dates: October 16th to 18th, 2013

Wednesday October 16, 8pm at 98weeks
Performance by Pedro Barateiro

Thursday October 17, 8pm at 98weeks
Conversation with 98weeks, Kunsthalle Lissabon and AIR Antwerpen followed by a reception for Nathan Witt

Friday October 18, 7pm at Villa Fleming
Mark Luyten lecture followed by a reception for André Romão

*Hearsing is a compound name that Freud invented in his dreams. “One part of it was derived from the names of places on the suburban railway near Vienna, which so often end in “ing” (…). The other part was derived from the English word “hearsay”.” (A Voice and Nothing More, Mladen Dolar).

NOA magazine III began while Mounira Al Solh was learning Dutch in the Netherlands: “I still could not really speak Dutch, and I had the brilliant ability to switch off a few minutes after someone was speaking next to me in this language. Not hearing what is being said around someone is an exercise many of us practice at times. In a language we know very well, this would be more difficult, but it is not impossible.” The idea of “switching off my ears” can help someone focus on inner issues while thinking about the complexity of limiting, hearing, or transforming language as in Louis Wolfson’s “Le Schizo et Les Langues.” These issues will be explored with a performance, exhibition, and panel discussion.

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