Artes Mundi 8 nominations

Deadline: 15th May 2017 | 17:00 GMT

Each Artes Mundi Prize begins with an open call for nominations. Nominations come from all over the world, submitted by artists, curators, directors of museums and galleries, other cultural organisations and members of the public. All nominations are reviewed by independent selectors.

To be considered for the Artes Mundi Exhibition and Prize artists must have already achieved recognition for the quality of their work in their own country or sphere and must be on the way to developing a high profile international career. Their practice must engage with ideas of humanity, social reality and lived experience. The last description is taken as broadly as possible, and can be executed in a diverse range of media. Nominations are not restricted by age or nationality.


The nomination form has two sections. The first asks for a little information about you and the second for the name and some information about the artist you are nominating for the Artes Mundi 8 Prize. If you are an artist interested in the prize please note that you may not nominate yourself. You are welcome to ask someone else to nominate you, ideally an arts professional who knows your work well. We do not ask for much information but you will need, as a minimum, to give the name of your nominated artist, the URL of at least one website (up to a maximum of four) where the artist’s work can be seen and a very brief explanation of why you feel your nominated artist would be a good candidate for the Artes Mundi Prize. It is helpful if you can provide contact details for the artist but not essential.

Artes Mundi 8 will take place in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, from late 2018 to early 2019 and the winning artist will receive a prize of 40,000 GBP.

Click here to apply and for more information.