Open Call for Participation | Spring Sessions 2017

Dates: 20 March – 30 June 2017
Location: Residency space in Jabal Weibdeh, Amman and other locations
Deadline for applications: 13 February 2017


Spring Sessions is an experiential learning program and arts residency based in Amman. The program brings together emerging and established cultural practitioners to produce work and share outlooks. Our purpose is to encourage participants to question existing paradigms by experimenting outside of traditional modes. The 15-week program consists of workshops, mentoring sessions and other activities that encourage participants to research and realize ideas related to the program.

Spring Sessions 2017 will explore Amman through the subversive potential of utopian thinking. Considering Thomas More’s depiction of utopia as an imaginary society where governing systems are fair, loyal and dedicated to the welfare of its citizens, our impetus to create alternative realities is not rooted in a desire to achieve perfection, but rather to individually and collectively explore what is thinkable, permissible and doable.

Utopian thinking will inform how we encounter and interact with non-hegemonic spaces in the city. By situating ourselves in these various anomalous spaces, the program aims to create an environment where participants are encouraged to consider, negotiate and challenge notions of personal and collective desires as they manifest within states of control, autonomy and liberation.

A series of workshops and mentoring sessions, conducted by invited artists and practitioners from various fields, will set the framework for the production of works by the group. This will be complemented by a theoretical component that uses practical and active exercises, such as observation, drawing and translation. The workshops allow participants to value their process of art making, and thus they are free to determine the motivations and methodologies pertaining to their work.

For more information on how to apply please click here.