Open Studios | Beirut Art Residency

Dates: February 22nd from 7-10PM
Location: Beirut Art Residency, 373 Rue Pasteur, Gemmayze Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut Art Residency is pleased to announce their upcoming Open Studios featuring the works created by artists-in-residence Abdelkader Benchamma, Hilda Ekeroth and Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos during their time at BAR.
Each artist will be showcasing work created during their two-month stay at the Beirut Art Residency.
Abdelkader investigates how to transform a space through manipulating his drawings into a celestial dome-like structure, in preparation for his upcoming installation at the 13th Sharjah Biennial. In parallel he continues to question the ‘religious imaginary’ as he begins a new series of drawings “Book of Miracles” recreating and interpreting illustrations inspired by rumors and mythologies in Islam. Esmeralda’s work is built around the concept of νόστος (Greek for ‘homecoming’) through field-work in the refugee camps near the Syrian border. She explores the ways in which people in exile frame their ideas of homeland and how they relate to their former lives through memory, speech and possessions. Hilda’s recent research in Beirut focuses on two distinct areas: the cultural history and apparatus of perception—in particular stories of the present—and a reconciliation and expansion of her work in drawing and painting.