July 11, 2014 till September 7, 2014

On the occasion of his first solo exhibition in France, Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros presents a selection of his recent works. Manipulating both the palpable and the imperceptible areas of our space-time, the artist looks with poetry and delicacy upon the interstices of daily life and the environment.

In the series Night Works, he lingers on dark moments such as the time during which he sleeps. With the work Night Cartography, the times when the artist sleeps are painted black on a horizontal timeline, thereby give form to the artistic gesture. The artist captures universal phenomena such as the impossible materiality of the night or, inversely, the action of the sun, the air, and the clouds. In 2012, the artist attempted to capture 1cm3 of night, enclosing it in a box of white marble for all eternity.

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