Date: November 10, 2013, 7pm
Location: 98 weeks, Naher street, Chalhoub building, n 22 – Ground floor, before Jisr el hadid Facing Spoiler Center, dead end street at the corner of Anthurium flower

Inspired by Sun Ra’s 1974 film Space is the Place, Oskar Schlemmer’s 1926 Diagram for Gesture Dance and Paulus Fürst’s 1656 engraving of Doctor Schnabel of Rome, this performance is an exhaustive deliberation on the notion and gesture of ‘falling’: falling as a form of legal apathy; falling as a choreographic gesture; and falling as a dynamic of virulence. Hamadeh leads a journey amidst the legal coding of the terms ‘falling ill’, ’immunity’ and ‘quarantine’, to outer-space and land-sea relations plotted through science fiction projections, geo-political territory formation and cross-border travel. Thinking through the conjunction of the legal and the spatial, the work plays out an intensive scrutiny of the shared lexicons of criminology, epidemiology and theater.

“The Big Board…or And Before It Falls It Is Only Reasonable To Enjoy Life a Little”, originally commissioned by the Lisson Gallery for the Magic of the State exhibition, and later adapted into a lecture form upon the invitation of Landings within the exhibition “Sensing Grounds: Mangroves, Unauthentic Belonging, Extra-Territoriality” at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, is a theatrical/cartographic and choreographic work-in-progress, part of the umbrella discursive project, Alien Encounters, that Hamadeh had initiated in 2011.