Sci-Fi Trilogy | Larissa Sansour

Date: April 11 – June 6, 2018
Location: Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture

Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture presents Sci-Fi Trilogy, an exhibition by Larissa Sansour. The exhibition brings together three of Sansour’s films – A Space Exodus (2009), Nation Estate (2012) and In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain (2016). Under the common themes of loss, belonging, heritage and national identity, the films explore aspects of the social and political turmoil of the Middle East. Using the language of sci-fi and glossy production, Sansour’s trilogy presents a dystopian vision of a Middle East on the brink of the apocalypse. The three films are shown alongside related installations, sculptural and photographic works.

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