Tamawuj | Sharjah Biennial 13

Opening Week and March Meeting dates: March 10 – 14, 2017

Sharjah Biennial 13, Tamawuj unfolds in five parts from October 2016 through October 2017. Curated by Christine Tohme, the biennial encompasses exhibitions and a public program in two acts: Sharjah (10 March–12 June 2017) and Beirut (19 October 2017–19 January 2018). Off-site projects are conceived by four interlocutors, each engaging with a keyword underpinning the conceptual framework of Tamawuj. Kader Attia working around the theme of water in Dakar; Zeynep Oz looking into the theme of crops in Istanbul; Lara Khaldi investigating the theme of earth in Ramallah; and Ashkal Alwan closing with the theme of culinary in Beirut.

The opening week will be accompanied by new releases on tamawuj.org, SB13’s online publishing platform.

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