A call for action launched by The Outpost magazine to trigger thought about the walls that stand between the Arab youth and their possibilities.

The Outpost aims to inspire young and active Arabs to explore a world of possibilities in an attempt to help ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world. In keeping with this mission, the magazine launched its Tear Down This Wall! initiative, which is an action plan that intends to start a conversation about the obstacles that stand between the Arab youths and their unity, social progress, urban development and personal potential. The campaign calls on these youths to identify the walls that obstruct their movement forward and propels them to tear them down.

It’s time to mark you wall. It’s time to Tear Down This Wall!


Head to www.teardownthiswall.me to download the Tear Down This Wall! stickers* and use them to mark the walls you want to tear down.

Take pictures of these marked walls and post them on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/theoutpostme) to tell us why you want to Tear Down This Wall!

We will be having an in-depth editorial coverage of these walls in our fourth issue; we want you to Tear Down This Wall! and we want to tell everyone about it.

  *Not a sticker fan? Spray the wall, write on it, carve it out or tear it down altogether! Mark your wall whichever way you want. It’s your life. It’s your wall.

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