The Story of the Rubber Tree | Abed Al Kadiri

Date: March 9 – June 4, 2018
Location: Sursock Museum (Twin Galleries)

The Story of the Rubber Tree is an ongoing project that examines the histories of Beirut’s abandoned houses, frequently re-inhabited and invaded by rubber trees. Once planted to provide shade in urban gardens, rubber trees now grow wild in the absence of people to manage them, undermining the foundations of the houses they occupy. Abed Al Kadiri’s new painting, sculpture, and video works trace the complex familial narratives and memories embedded in such spaces, taking the tree as witness to their histories. Consciously unfolding as chapters in a narrative, Al Kadiri reflects on the social, economic, and physical transformations that Beirut has undergone in the last century, through the prism of a single family’s home.

Abed Al Kadiri (b.1984, Beirut, Lebanon) double majored in Arabic Literature and Fine Arts at the Lebanese University. Solo exhibitions include Abu Ghraib (2006); In the Corner (2008); Identity Turbulences (2011); Al Maqama 2014 (2015); Ashes to the Sea (2016); Arcadia (2016), and Al Maqama Al Mosuliya (2017). Al Kadiri has also participated in several group exhibitions regionally and internationally including Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Istanbul, Hungary, Paris, Cambridge, and Basel.

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