Dates: October 23, 2013 – December 10, 2013
Opening: October 23, 6pm-9pm

Location: Workshop Gallery, Beirut

Caetano Carvalho : Once you erase the invisible track of pheromones, the line of ants gets  blinded and loses its path. Here, an inverted army of four ant-people re-maps an invisible city. As the four soldiers walk blinded, the last one is the one in command. The leading one, being able to see through a small hole in his helmet, tries to direct movements by shouting instructions on how to move around the city.

Tied to each other with a rope and blinded by their helmets, the four performers wander with a simple set of instructions: the journey has a time span of eight hours, they must walk south, and all four should be on the four different positions. These characters struggle to find their direction.

For the exhibition, the audio of each set of “shouting directions” represents a path cut into a different vinyl record. The equipment used to reproduce the documentation is also programmed to reenact the performance. The instructions become lost sounds which barely connect to the original action and only serve to direct us, blinded, in an imaginary walk.