Dates: February 20 – March 19, 2016
Location: Associação Cultural Videobrasil, Sao Paolo

Public Programs Activity: guided tour with Mahmoud Khaled, March 5, 3pm.

The outcome of the residencies of Cláudio Bueno (Brazil) and Mahmoud Khaled (Egypt), participating in the first edition of the Videobrasil in Context project, is displayed in an exhibition at Galpão VB, Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s headquarters. The show features brand new artworks by the two artists selected to the first edition of Videobrasil in Context residency program, held in partnership with the Delfina Foundation (London, United Kingdom) and Casa Tomada (São Paulo, Brazil), after an immersion in the Videobrasil Collection. The exhibiton Videobrasil Collection in Context #1 also features the artworks that served as objects of research and conceptual references for Bueno’s and Khaled’s projects, including videos by Akram Zaatari (Lebanon), Coco Fusco (USA), Eder Santos (Brazil), Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil), Sebastián Díaz Morales (Argentina), and Wagner Morales (Brazil).

Mahmoud Khaled presents an installation project comprised of two photographs and a three-channel video installation, Proposal for a Porn Company. The artist works with the universe explored by porn video production company MEN AT PLAY, which specializes in erotic storylines featuring male characters from the corporate and business world. In Estudo para Duelo, Claudio Bueno invites visitors to put on magnetized vests and walk down a six-meter long metallic hallway from opposing ends. Contact between the participants is prevented by the magnetic field created between the vests. The piece suggests analogies with the power fields that exist in day-to-day relationships, whether interpersonal, with spaces or with institutions.

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