Date: November 15th, 2013, 2pm
Location: Cinerama, Westblaak 18 Rotterdam

This event is part of the program ‘Iraq 10 years after Saddam’ and is sponsored by Hivos

What role should the arts play in the reconstruction of post-­‐conflict societies? After armed struggle all attention is obviously directed at primary needs and the reconstruction of homes and businesses. Yet the mental health of people, their sense of identity and citizenship have often been damaged well. Do the arts have a part to play in for instance commemoration, rehabilitation, supporting social reform or stimulating free expression? And if so: how?
These and other issues will be discussed with film makers from the Arab World, policy makers and academics and our panel consisting of:
Nat Muller, independent curator and art critic, specialised in the crossover between arts, media and politics in and from the Middle-­‐East;
Sabri Saad al Hamus, Dutch-­‐ Egyptian actor and creative director of theatre company De Nieuw Amsterdam;
Peyman Jafari, political scientist at the University of Amsterdam, section Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance;
Eddy Terstall, film director (yet to be confirmed);
With a column by Siebe Thissen, head of the public artworks section at the Center of Visual Arts, Rotterdam.
Entrance fee €9,20.