Solo exhibition | Chaim Van Luit

When: May 8 – June 27, 2014
Where: Workshop Gallery, Beirut

Turn left, right, right and right again and you’ll find yourself at the point of departure, but yet there’s something slightly different: you now face the world in opposite direction.
Left, Right, Right, Right is the title of Chaim van Luit’s (NL, 1985) first solo exhibition outside the Netherlands. It shows a number of recent works that are a quest into the parallels between the exhibition, the works and the universe. The work Untitled (Orion) consists of a transistor radio with a wire connected to the antenna. This wire marks a seemingly random pattern on the gallery wall. But while the space is filled with only noise you discover that this pattern actually forms a star constellation – Orion. Nothing is arbitrary in Van Luit’s work that draws a line between objects, space, moments in time and the universe that fades to black. Leaving through the same door as you entered you’ll face the world slightly different.

Gallery Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturdays on appointment 03 777 235 – 01 494 331