Yassin Haute Couture | Raed Yassin

Date: January 17 – April 7 2018
Location: Marfa’ Gallery

In this multimedia exhibition, Raed Yassin immerses viewers in a plethora of images, sounds, lights, forms, memoirs culled from pop culture, where he laces facts, histories with fiction to invoke a romanticized representation of the past and simultaneously conceal deep personal wounds. The artist has been tailoring the ideas behind this particular oeuvre for almost a decade, with the project taking several twists and turns before finally reaching fruition. Most of the works in this exhibition are thus showing for the first time at Marfa’ Gallery, as part of an ever-expanding opus. For several years, the artist attempted to paint a complete portrait of his deceased father, Samir Yassin, using fiction, forgery, lies and rumors, as elements integral to his practice. The works in this exhibition focus specifically on the period when his father was working as a fashion designer in Beirut and abroad, garnering fame and international acclaim. In-part archive, fiction, and in-part recreated objects and materials, the works draw us into the designer’s thought process, those who wore his creations, the unseen realms of his imagination, and the annals of memory attached to the fabric of fashion itself.

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