Shorts 1 - Simon Fujiwara, Mazen Khaled, Jumana Manna, Moon Kyungwon, Joe Namy, Haig Papazian, Akram Zaatari

past shorts1
16 May 2013
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
25 May 2013
Time: 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

Event Type Video screenings

Location Beirut Art Center CHECK THE MAP

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The End of Time - Akram Zaatari
Blu-ray| 14’| 2013 | No dialogue with English subtitles

The End of Time is at the same time a choreography for two lovers, enacted by three figures. It looks at the birth and the vanishing of desire as an endless chain with successive beginnings and endings.

Ali Cherri, Roy Dib, Selim Mrad
Cinematography and Camera:
Bassem Fayad
Editing and Color Grading:
Belal Hibri/ REZ Visual
Assistant Director:
Jowe Harfouche
Production Management:
Abla Khoury, Ginger Beirut Productions
Sound Design:
Nadim Mishlawi/ db Studios
Heroes of a Transitional Time - Haig Papazian
Blu-ray | 4’ | 2012 | Armenian with English subtitles

In a prolonged post-heroic transitional time, a man, trapped in a Sisyphean ideological repetition, still believes he can become a hero.

Produced in the context of Home Workspace Program 2011-12, Ashkal Alwan.
Half Step - Joe Namy
Blu-ray | 1’30” | 2013

A single take, from an improvised rehearsal for a dance, documents a b-boy’s attempt to breakdance to traditional folklore music. Organized movements vanish, tracing dance as an art of erasure.
A Sketch of Manners (Alfred Roch’s Last Masquerade) - Jumana Manna
Blu-ray | 8’ | 2013 | English with Arabic subtitles

Alfred Roch, member of the Palestinian National League, is a politician with bohemian panache. In 1942, at the height of WWII, he throws what will turn out to be the last masquerade in Palestine. Inspired by an archival photograph, A Sketch of Manners (Alfred Roch’s Last Masquerade) recreates an unconventional bon vivant aspect of Palestinian urban life before 1948. Posing silently for a group photo, the unmasked and melancholic Pierrots accidentally personify the premonition of an uncertain future.
Hypnopompic - Mazen Khaled
Blu-ray | 20’ | 2013 | No dialogue with English subtitles

The word “hypnopompic” refers to the partially conscious state that precedes complete wakefulness, characterized by “dreaming cognition trying to make sense” of reality. The term thus describes a state of being, a transition and a process always taking place in between two moments, two states. Hypnopompic is a reflection on this in-between state: exposing self-doubt, vulnerability, and lack of fixity, and simultaneously bursting with rashness and restraint. The action in the video depicts a pursuit of solid and concrete meaning yet projects a yearning for ethereality. The pas de deux ballet structure comes to mind as a frame for such action. It usually consists of an entrée, adagio, two variations (one for each dancer), and a coda (or tail). Hypnopompic is essentially a pas de deux, albeit an individualistic one, a pas de deux “uns” if you will.
Avyakta - Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho
Blu-ray | 17’56” | 2012

What she experienced there is unknown, but from that point on, she lived a life totally different from her life before. Even within the strict restrictions she was dignified, and at times rejected what she had been ordered to do. Also, she drew strange-looking symbols and made objects with unknown uses. But what was even stranger was that the citizens of Tempus came to adore the woman who would habitually act in such a peculiar way. The people would even impart meaning to her signs and symbols. They worshipped her, looking up to her as a messenger delivering messages from a mysterious place.
Tempus was thrown into confusion, and eventually the woman was banished. This led to others breaking away from the system just as she had. Tempus, which had been an all-but-impenetrable fortress, was slowly collapsing. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the leaders of Tempus decided to take a risk in order to grasp the facts behind the unproductive acts that had begun with those of the woman. They decided to make use of the time machine that they had been secretly developing as a means to travel back in time before the apocalypse and create a system in which Tempus would have supreme power. Although the machine was only at an experimental stage, the Tempus leaders did not hesitate to use it. They believed that if the roots of such problems could be identified, then such problems could be completely removed. Tempus chose a man who was rational and levelheaded enough for the grave mission to restore its former grand status.
Studio Pietà (King Kong Komplex) - Simon Fujiwara
Blu-ray | 21’ | 2013; English

Studio Pietà (King Kong Komplex) tells the story of the artist’s attempt to restage and photograph a lost picture of his mother held in the arms of a former Lebanese boyfriend taken on a beach close to the Casino du Liban where she worked as a cabaret dancer in the late 1960s. In what begins as a seemingly simple reconstruction, the artist begins to understand how his role as director holds unwanted powers, through which – in the process of casting the models, designing the set and even the make-up selection – he is drawn into a labyrinth of larger social and political questions. Lederhosen, water pollution in Beirut, Michelangelo’s Pietà, King Kong, and the interrogation methods of the CIA are just some of the characters and plot twists that spin out from this dense and convoluted tale of the erotic imagination.

Beirut Art Center
Jisr El Wati
Off Corniche el Nahr
Building 13, Street 97, Zone 66 Adlieh
Phone: +961 1 397 018 / +961 70 26 21 12

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Home Works 6 exhibition - Final Curator's Tour

10 June 2013
Time: 17:00 - 18:00

Location Artheum

Event Type Exhibition & Curated Project

The Home Works 6 exhibition includes works by Pilar Albarracín, Cao Fei, Ali Cherri, Ho Tzu Nyen, Iman Issa, Basim Magdy, Ahmed Mater, Park Chan-Kyong , Walid Raad, Khalil Rabah, Walid Sadek, Roy Samaha, Wael Shawky, Mounira al Solh, Seo Min-Jeong, Song Ta & Wang Ningde

For more information call us on 01 423 879.

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26 May 2013
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26 May 2013
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