Video Works 2018

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29 October 2018
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
30 October 2018
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Location Beirut Art Center CHECK THE MAP


Free Entrance
Places are limited. Availability on first come first serve basis.

Monday, October 29

8:00pm Ghouroub – Clara Kossai
8:20pm Passion – Rami El Sabbagh
9:25pm News from Rmeileh – Marwan Hamdan
9:55pm one sea, 10 seas – Nour Ouayda
Tuesday, October 30

8:00pm News from Rmeileh – Marwan Hamdan
8:30pm one sea, 10 seas – Nour Ouayda
9:25pm Ghouroub – Clara Kossai
9:45pm Passion – Rami El Sabbagh

Passion – Rami El Sabbagh

50′, Arabic with English subtitles

On the river bank she sits and battles the world with words.
Like the twilight, someone enters the room.
Someone stands all night, pulling his name out of his father’s grave.

With Ahmad Al Akhdar, Khodor Ellaik, Ziad Chakaroun, Mariam Al Ferjani – Camera: Mark Khalife – Sound: Tatiana El Dahdah – Editing: Vartan Avakian – Music: Abed Kobeissy

News from Rmeileh – Marwan Hamdan

27’, English and Arabic with English subtitles

News from Rmeileh is an essayistic travelogue exploring exile, utopianism, and communism through two intersecting and diverging journeys. The first journey – by land – is to Rmeileh, a town in South Lebanon that was inhabited by communists between 1985 and 1991. The second journey – by sea – is to Leon Trotsky’s first residing place in exile (1929-1933) on the Princes’ Islands, off the coast of Istanbul.

Camera: Marwan Hamdan & Rami El Sabbagh – Editing: Rami El Sabbagh – Coloring: Belal Hibri – Sound: Nadim Meshlawi

Ghouroub – Clara Kossaifi

17’, Arabic with English subtitles

Mona and Georges have been waiting 44 years for their house to be demolished to make way for the Pan-Arab highway. Between lingering and separation, their story evokes the director’s own struggle with those themes and the difficulty of letting go.

With Georges and Mona Bou Khalil – Editing: Mohamed Berro – Sound Design: Toni Geitani

one sea, 10 seas – Nour Ouayda

40′, Arabic with English subtitles

There are all in all eight tapes dating from 2014 to 2018, each containing footage of the Mediterranean Sea, more precisely a small section of the coast around Beirut. Three women examine the recorded images and sounds, looking for traces of what they call “apparitions”.

Writing and Editing: Carine Doumit and Nour Ouayda – Translation to Arabic: Ziad Chakaroun – Sound Recording: Tatiana El Dahdah – Sound Design and mixing: Shakeeb Abu Hamdan
Rami El Sabbagh
Marwan Hamdan
Clara Kossaifi
Nour Ouayda


October 2018
There are currently no events scheduled for this month.