Production Manager

Full-time, based in Beirut
Starting date: September 1, 2016

Beirut Art Center and Ashkal Alwan are seeking a Production Manager to work full time for both institutions. The Production Manager’s time will be divided equally between the two institutions. The exact work schedule will be negotiated with the successful candidate and the management. The main duties of the Production Manager is to handle the production of the exhibitions, managing inventories, sourcing equipment, setting up the venue for public events and operating the audiovisual equipment, as well as facility production.

Required Skills

• Good administrative and organization skills
• Fluency in Arabic and English
• Working technical knowledge of audiovisual installation, exhibition setup, and art handling setup
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Eexcel) and working knowledge of Adobe Suite • Knowledge in the arts is a plus
• Good communication, leadership and problem- solving skills
• No less than 2 years of relevant experience in the fields of art, culture or production


• To plan the installation of exhibitions under the curator’s direction, draw out floor plans, and adapt the exhibition space
• To manage the technical inventory, storing, recycling, sand sourcing of equipment according to on the requirements for each exhibition
• To develop and maintain cost-efficient production budgets, review quotations, and making financial decisions with the director/curator
• To respond to artists’ special technical requests and finding suitable solutions • To coordinate with BAC and Ashkal Alwan teams, artists, suppliers and technical manager on site during installation
• To set up and operate all audio-visual equipment during public events such as concerts, talks, seminars, and film screenings

Deadline for Applying
We are looking to fill this position with the right candidate by September 1, 2016.
The deadline for receiving applications is August 23, 2016.

To Apply
Send your cover letter and updated resumé (in English) to