Home Workspace Program 2021

برنامج فضاء أشغال داخليّة 2021‬

14 Jan 2021 - 22 Nov 2020


HWP 2021 will be divided into four individual chapters unfolding over the course of seven months. Skills-based workshops will be held in parallel with the individual chapters throughout the tenth edition. Office Hours will be a 25-week-long program of one-on-one sessions spread throughout the year.

الدورة العاشرة من برنامج فضاء أشغال داخليّة 2021: يقسّم برنامج فضاء أشغال داخليّة 2021 إلى أربعة فصول مستقلّة على مدى سبعة أشهر. الورش المهاراتيّة تقام بالتزامن مع الفصول المستقلّة، وعلى امتداد فترة انعقاد الدورة العاشرة دوام البرنامج 25 أسبوعًا من الجلسات الفرديّة على مدار العام. ...

New selection of films and videos on aashra

25 Jan 2021 -

This month on aashra, Ashkal Alwan’s audiovisual streaming platform, we invite you to check out a selection of ten films and videos exploring displacement, migrant labor, and transnational flows of things. With: Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva, Jumana Emile Abboud, CAMP, Meriem Bennani, Sherko Abbas, Hira Nabi, Ho Rui An, Roy Samaha, Hassan Kattan, and Corine Shawi.


“sometimes a wildebeest on the tundra remembers a former life”: The Quandaries, Vagaries, Riddles, and Torment of Archives

17 Mar 2021 - 21 Apr 2021

This chapter will be held online

The chapter is structured around conversations with practitioners whose projects are or have engaged with these questions at different levels. They include filmmakers Mahasen Nasser Eldin (Palestine), Jihan El-Tahri (Egypt), Mohanad Yaqubi (Palestine), and Mila Turajlic (Serbia), as well as artist Kader Attia (Algeria/France).