Born in Lebanon in 1981, Corine Shawi directed her first long documentary Les femmes bonnes between 2000 and 2006, observing the life of Doulika and other Sri Lankan women. After graduating in Audiovisual Studies, she directed several short documentaries in the framework of workshops, such as Daniela in 2006 questioning the body and gender identity (with the National Film School of Denmark), Oxygen, which pushes her family to discuss a taboo matter (with the Arab Institute of Film) and Affinity, which reflects on the boundaries of friendship (with Ashkal Alwan, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts) in 2007. Made in 2009, Film of Welcome and Farewells depicts loneliness, fragmentation and death in Copenhagen (selected at the Lebanese Film Festival and les Écrans du Réel 2010). Her most recent film Je t’aime infiniment/I love you forever, co-directed with Nikolaj B.S. Larsen, examines the fragility and atrocity of human beings (in the framework of CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival).

She is currently working on a long documentary entitled E Muet, concerned with friendship, love and its expression.

Besides making her own films, Corine has been a consultant for International Media Support (IMS) to implement an exchange program of filmmakers from Lebanon and Denmark.


- 2011: E Muet, Documentary (In production)

- 2010: Je t’aime infiniment/I love you forever, Co-director, Documentary (21 min)

- 2009: Film of Welcome and Farewells, Documentary (24 min)

- 2007: Oxygen, Documentary (33 min)

- 2007: Affinity, Documentary (31min)

- 2006: Route Bént Jbeil, Video (8 min)

- 2006: Daniela, Documentary (7 min)

- 2006: Les femmes bonnes, Documentary (62 min)

Je t’aime infiniment

Two sisters live together. Scenes of vast landscapes, dead animals and fragile individuals emerge as the sisters unfold a strange story of love and loss.


' - What about the new therapy I told you about, any hope it could heal him? I asked. The neurologist looked at my weeping mother and answered:

- It’s not from cluster headache your son is suffering; you’d better take him to a psychologist.