An incessant deferment calling on repetition or an investigational space that is always in the process of realignment, Posthumous Reckonings: A Cosmology of Infinitudes is a pause for the sensations to take effect; to materialize; and to ask: what is the nature of that which separates me from myself in the cosmology of the multiverse? Chaotic inflations or quantum subjectivities, equations queue-up at the edge of my known world waiting for the structures of feelings – of the imaginary – to make sense of this Universe ... And its Others. And if I am none other than a self-organized collection of sub-atomic particles hurtling in quantum time and space, sometimes forward other times backwards, then destinies may play witness if only for a little while, to the myriad of superpositions and decoherences leaking from my post-Newtonian parallel worlds.

Mireille Astore is an artist and a writer. She and her parents fled the Lebanese civil war and her beloved Beirut in 1975 to live in Australia. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and a studio and theory PhD in Contemporary Art from the University of Western Sydney. Her arworks have been exhibited in over twenty countries and she is widely published. She is currently Adjunct Lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts and Research Affiliate at the American University of Beirut. She is recipient of the prestigious Australian Government 2011 Endeavour Research Fellowship Award.