This event is part of the fourth chapter of Home Workspace Program 2013-14, led by resident professors Jalal Toufic and Anton Vidokle.

For more information on the third chapter and the year’s schedule and curriculum, please see HWP 2013-14.

2084, Episode 3: The Noosphere

by Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan

22 minutes, HD video, sound


Jonathan Middleton as the Human

Karakachan as the Donkey

Mehmet Ali as the Plant

Voiceover by Ariana Beyne

Directed by Anton Vidokle & Pelin Tan

Script: Anton Vidokle

Camera: Derek Howard

Editor: Meggie Schneider

Music: Tisha Mukarji

Sound Mix: Jochen Jezussek

Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan's 2084 is an ongoing exploration of the history of the future, translated into films. In Episode 3, filmed last Summer in Cappadokia, Turkey, Vidokle and Tan refer to the circle of ideas of Cosmo-Immortalism, a vitalist philosophical movement of early twentieth century, which strongly influenced Russian revolution. Script for the film is a collage of texts by and about important scientists: Vladimir Vernadsky - one of the most ardent partisans of the idea of the “noosphere”, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the father of Russian space exploration.