Arabic Science Fiction - A Frontier of (Im)Possibilities

Friday 8th May, 8pm, Ashkal Alwan Library

A conversation between

Darine Hotait

Yazan al-Saadi

Fdz Bx

As part of apexart’s Space Between Our Fingers, an exhibition across Beirut curated by Rachel Dedman, you are invited to an evening of conversation about science-fiction in art and literature from across the region.

Darine Hotait is a Lebanese writer and film-maker based in New York, who is passionate about rapid scientific evolution, robotics, AI and science fiction in Arab cinema. A trailer and funding video for her film ORB is available here.

Yazan al-Saadi is a writer and researcher with interests from pop culture to politics, sociology and economics. His piece on legacies and precedents for Arab science-fiction in al-Akhbar is essential reading:

Fadi Baqi, or Fdz Bx, is a founding member of the Samandal comic collective, and a graphic designer, illustrator, editor and film-maker raised on Grendizer. He is currently working on a sci-fi film project.

Moderated by exhibition curator Rachel Dedman, the discussion will go beyond fundamental questions such as does science fiction exist in the Arab world? and attempt to consider issues surrounding sci-fi’s critical potential, its use of Arabic as language, and the power its marginal status, within a regional context.

The Exhibition Space Between Our Fingers is on view from May 3 - 30. Click here for more info.