Federico León is an actor, director, playwright, filmmaker, and professor. León has written and directed numerous plays including Cachetazo de Campo, Museo Miguel Ángel Boezzio, Mil Quinientos Metros Sobre El Nivel De Jack, Yo en el Futuro, and Las Multitudes. In 2007, León wrote and co-directed his second film, Estrellas, with Marcos Martinez. Other films include Todo Juntos (2001) and La Última Película (2014). León was awarded the First Prize for Playwriting from the National Theatre Institute of Argentina, the Konex Prize of the National Art Foundation (2004), and the First National Prize for Playwriting from the Argentinian authorities (1996-1999). His plays have been performed in theaters and festivals in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Scotland, Canada, Spain, and Australia.

For a moment, we can go inside the head of an artist, immerse ourselves in his ideas through the prism of his computer. We see how he writes, deletes, corrects and surfs the web. We discover his archives, his mechanisms of association, organization, the way things are ordered and disordered. - Federico León

In Las Ideas, Federico León invites us to partake in the intimacy of the creative process. Immersing the audience in the decision-making and selection mechanisms that result in the creation of a show, Las Ideas draws its viewers into the life and mental universe of an artist. Sometimes real life suddenly breaks into the creative process, but just as often, it is the artistic experiences that rub off on everyday life. Abstract ideas and concrete events bounce off each other like a furious game of Ping-Pong. Text and direction: Federico León. Performed by: Julián Tello and Federico León. Performers on video: Alejandra Manzo, Maitina De Marco, Pablo Gasloli, Alejandro Ini, Barbara Irisarri, Ana Maria Monti, Patricia Russo, María Laura Santos, José Maria Seoane, Alfredo Staffolani, Martín Tchira, Emanuel Torres, Antonella Querzoli, Gabriel Zayat. Direction and production assistance: Rodrigo Pérez, Rocío Gómez Cantero. General assistance: Melisa Santoro Aguirre et Antonella Saldicco. Set design: Ariel Vaccaro. Music and sound design: Diego Vainer. Lighting design: Alejandro Le Roux. Costumes: Paola Delgado. Technical coordination: Matías Iaccarino. Photography: Ignacio Iasparra. Video camera and photography: Guillermo Nieto. Video art director: Mariela Ripodas. Video object making: David D’Orazio. Video sound design: Diego Vainer. Post-production: Alejandro Soler. Technical consulting: Paula Coton, Agustin Genoud. Agents: Judith Martin, Carlota Guivernau (Spain). Co-production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Belgium). Iberescena (Spain), El Cultural San Martín, FIBA Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Fundación Teatro a Mil (Chile), La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Festival D’Automne à Paris – Théâtre de La Bastille, La Villette - résidence d’artistes (France).