Blitztheatregroup is a creative collective formed in 2004 by artists Yorgos Valais, Angeliki Papoulia, and Christos Passalis. Through a non-hierarchical and equal-involvement approach to production, the collective’s plays grapple with how to represent an ever-changing world riddled with complexity. In 2006, Blitztheatregroup launched its first production, Motherland, followed by New Order (2007), Joy Division and Katerini (2009). Subsequent productions include Cinemascope (2010), Galaxy (2011), which ran in Athens, Reims, and Berlin, and Guns! Guns! Guns!, which debuted at Théâtre de la Ville de Paris and will continue to travel for three years in France and Germany. The group’s latest productions, Don Quixote and Late Night, have traveled to major theaters and festivals in France, Germany, and Italy.

In Late Night, Blitz explores the relationship between the individual and the mechanisms of society and history in a continent facing harsh financial and ethical crises. Late Night takes place in the early hours at a down-at-heel dance hall. Six actors are on stage. They dance, as if they were participating in an absurd competition. The only things that are certain are a feeling of confinement and the characters’ constant struggle to remember.

Dramaturgy: Blitztheatregroup / Nikos Flessas. Performed by: Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Yorgos Valais, Medie Megas, Sofia Kokkali, Fidel Tabaloukas. Director’s assistant: Vasia Attarian. Light design: Tasos Palaioroutas. Choreography: Yannis Nikolaidis. Set design: Efi Barba. Costumes: Vassilia Rosanna. Project development: Judith Martin / Ligne Directe. Production: Blitztheatregroup. Co-production: Onassis Cultural Center, La Filature-scène nationale de Mulhouse.