Suna Kafadar is a writer and translator based in Istanbul. She is the editor-in-chief of 5Harfliler, an online feminist magazine focusing on pop culture, history, and politics. Kafadar is also involved in the struggle to preserve the 1500-year-old urban market gardens around the city walls in Yedikule, Istanbul.

What new forms of “self” and “governance” can we imagine today? In the face of growing global oppression, the real war is for our resources, be it the waters, seeds and lands, or our imagination and the ways in which we create meaning. Today, it is all the more crucial to foster communities dedicated to their local struggles, rituals, and stories, each one unique but fundamentally intertwined. The one place we can be is in the here and now of the constantly re-imagined and realized spaces of co-resistance. But how do we build outside of our common denominators of privilege, profit and the patriarchal state? Weaving modes of local struggle with examples of poetry, Two Rivers in One Bed: Co-resistance in the Machinery of Night will attempt to restore meaning, through an inter-textual reading of possibilities for creating new political-scapes and expressing the untranslatable.