Lynn Kodeih is a Lebanese artist based in Beirut. Kodeih works with text, video, and performance to explore science and fiction, the normalization of violence, and past and present mythologies. Kodeih is the co-founder of the collective Polycephaly, a place to research and reflect on ideas surrounding the process of art making. She is also a lecturer at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts and Université Saint-Joseph.

Deus Ex Machina reflects on the current historical moment: the persistence of life in the aftermath of the violent conflict at the dawn of a new era. The work constructs figurative and abstract associations of love and loss, cycles of life and death, maternalism and nature – as an eminence of a protracted apocalypse, in order to speculate on the future of humanity.

Written, directed and performed by: Lynn Kodeih. Music: Rami El Sabbagh. Videography: Malak Mroueh, Pamela Ghanimeh, Koussay Hamzeh. Video editing: Marwan Hamdan. Sound design: Victor Bress. Set Design Adviser: Nadim Deaibes. Production: Ashkal Alwan (Beirut) in the context of Home Works 7.