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البرنامج في العربي

Screenings on Thursday June 9, Friday June 10, and Saturday June 11.
All films will be screened at 7 pm and repeated at 9 pm.

To reserve a seat, please send an email to as places are limited.

29" | 2016 | Armenian with English and Arabic subtitles

A love letter to Anjar, a small rural community in Lebanon only a few miles from the Syrian border and largely inhabited by ethnic Armenians, the film explores the everyday and the uncanny as it tries to document the fleeting traits of this border town in transformation.

Cinematography: Jad Youssef

Editors: Jad Dani Ali Hassan, Panos Aprahamian

Music: Rami El Murr, Mohamad Safa

Sound Design: Jad Taleb

10” | 2016 | Arabic with English subtitles

An Associated Press correspondent on the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon reports a tree on the Blue Line as it is about to be cut down. The incident, as reported, started when the Israeli Defence Forces attempted to cut down the tree claiming routine border work. As the bulldozer approaches, a glitch within the camera magically transports us to another tree.

15” | 2016 | Arabic with English subtitles

A place at the edge of the city. A flux of scenes and impressions. In this work, I recall the stories of those I knew and dive into the depths of my memory, and the place's reality.

9” | 2016

We Died and Here We Are is one reaction among many I’ve had to my uncle’s death. Now that I’m nearing his age when he died, I’m fighting to reconnect with what he left behind. Though my family had always compared me to him, they won’t speak about the circumstances that took his life. I can only scour his photographs, his poetry, and his collection of 50 luxury automobiles for clues; their emptiness now challenges my imagination and memory. In this short film, I grapple with loss, hoping to forget and rebuild in the face of staunch silence.”

Editing: Isidore Bethel

13” | 2016

This film tells the story of a child leaving his home by himself, in the middle of the night. His journey through nature takes him to the coast, by the garbage hill in Daora. Following streams of water, the element of metamorphosis, the child’s journey amounts to a rite of passage. Far from a psychological drama, the film revolves around the child’s choice to leave and break with his family and tradition.

With: Mohamad Rayanna, Ahmad Freiji, Mostafa Tarabichi, Mohamad Khodor

Image: Georges Haddad, Ludovic Rivalan, Elias Nemr

Sound: Sylver Catton, Hamra Bou Eid

Visual artist: Anthony Geara

3'38 | 2016

Lime Song is a virtual stunt, a Lime Green water gun. A free and limitless exploration of boundaries within boundaries within neon boundaries. A video/game.

Music: Omar Aloulou

Director of Photography: Joe Saade

Video Editor/ Compositor: Jad Taleb
CG/ VFX Artist: Emilio Kheir

Stunt Double: Krystelle Harb

Panos Aprahamian is a filmmaker. His work explores the boundaries between reality and fiction. He holds a BA from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) and an MA in documentary filmmaking from London College of Communication. He recently returned to Beirut where he works and resides.

Hiba Farhat is an artist working with video, sculpture and installation. She holds an MA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work tackles issues pertaining to, and directly involving varied and fractured cultural, social, historical, and political contexts.

Karam Ghossein is a cinematographer and filmmaker. He lives and works in Lebanon.

Mohamad Kanaan is an interdisciplinary artist based between New York and Beirut. He holds a BA in architecture from the American University of Beirut and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Alain Kantarjian is a photographer and documentary filmmaker working between Paris and Beirut. He founded a video company, LRAK, in 2005 in Paris and an independent cultural space, Fanar Projects, in 2010 in Beirut. Recent projects include Antépénultième (Daoura), presented during “Cinéphémère” at FIAC/Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard (2015), and Shhh, a video documentary on Lawrence Weiner at the 2nd district Paris Town Hall (2010).

Lea Lahoud is a Lebanese-Canadian director and videographer. Her work explores dualities, a process of endless and often poeticized/ romanticized interplay of contradictions.

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