Ashkal Alwan is pleased to present the Home Workspace Program 2015-16 Open Studios, with participants:

Mahdi Fayez Baraghithi, Monica Basbous, Mohammed Berro, Baris Dogrusoz, Merve Ertufan, Ahmed Elghoneimy, Mustapha Jundi, Lynn Kodeih, Mochu, Bahar Noorizadeh, Levi Orta, Rivers Plasketes,  Sarah Yazdanirad. 

The open studios are part of HWP 2015-16 | From the Miraculous to the Mundane.

Opening hours

Wednesday 27 July:

6 - 10pm | Opening night

Thursday 28 July:

12 - 10pm

Friday 29 July:

12 - 10pm

Saturday 30 July:

12 - 8pm

Talks and lectures

Thursday, July 28:

6:30: "Geopolitics of the cell" by Dr. Marwan El Sabban

7:30: "Dog Star Man" by Ahmed Elghoneimy

Friday, July 29:

6:30: " Foucault - Acts of resistance" by Fares Chalabi

7:30: "Breaking from actions that are executed with guiltless precision" by Bahar Noorizadeh

8:30: "At the facade we could see him no more..." by Mochu