Céline Condorelli’s practice is concerned with how our encounter with the material world happens through counting on it, and the fact that all human action takes place amidst countless structures of support mostly taken for granted, and therefore appearing almost invisible.

«I have been investigating forms of display by problematizing the notion of ‘support’–the physical, economical, social, political structures and infrastructures that correspond to conditions of possibility. I am interested in working with the manifestations of blindness towards them, and do so by re-imagining them through a variety of possible relations between context, exhibition, work and the public; which has in turn allowed the questioning of these categories and the notions they form. This particular attention has developed through installations, exhibitions and publications that foreground display by proposing it as my main artistic medium in both form and subject, through the construction of structures of display, staging devices and framing mechanisms, the apparatuses of visibility that I have come to designate as ‘support structures’.»

This public talk is part of the Home Workspace Program 2018-19

Céline Condorelli (CH, IT, UK) is a London and Lisbon-based artist, and is one of the founding directors of Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK; she is the author and editor of Support Structures published by Sternberg Press (2009). Recent exhibitions include Host/Vœrt, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark, Ausstellungsliege, Albertinum, Germany (2019), Zanzibar, permanent installation for the Kings Cross Project, London and exhibition at Vera Cortes, Lisbon (2018), Proposals for a Qualitative Society (spinning), Stroom Den Haag, NL, Corps á Corps, IMA Brisbane, Australia (2017, including a sculpture garden which won Australian Institute of Architects Art and Architecture Prize), Gwangju Biennial, Liverpool Biennial, Sydney Biennial, and Concrete Distractions, Kunsthalle Lissabon (2016), bau bau (HangarBicocca, Milan, IT, 2015), Céline Condorelli (Chisenhale Gallery, UK, Van Abbemuseum, NL, 2014). Her first monograph, bau bau is published by Mousse (2017).

Image caption: Céline Condorelli, Zanzibar, 2019