Ashkal Alwan is pleased to announce that the online registration for Project Space Program is now open. If you are currently based in Lebanon and interested in presenting your work or research, we invite you to fill out our online form by September 15, 2021.

Starting September 2021, Ashkal Alwan will launch its project space program, by refurbishing its 57 square meter storage and making it availble to artists, cultural practitioners, and activists based in Beirut and looking to exhibit and present newly produced research and work. 

This endeavor aims to respod to growing exigencies in the city for physical spaces that host experimental research- and process-based artistic practices and modes of engagement. Each month, an artist, cultural practitioners, or activist will conceive a presentation of ongoing and/or new works, inviting local audiences to gather around concerns being discussed and debated accross the city. This can range from a lecture-performance, exhibition, live radio broadcast, theatre production, or any other medium. 

Keeping with its commitment to fostering artistic production, Ashkal Alwan will provide the participants with the necessary feedback and technical resources to facilitate the execution of these works.