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Sanayeh Project, 1995
– Introduction word by Christine Tohmé, 1994 – Download here

Marseille-Beirut with Château de Servieres, 1996

Sioufi Garden Project, 1997
– Introduction word by Christine Tohmé, October 10th, 1997 – here (arabic). 
– Ashkal Alwan – The Sioufi Garden Project [image], Nafas Art Magazine, 1997 – Download here

Corniche Project, 1999
– Ashkal Alwan – The Corniche Project [image], Nafas Art Magazine, October 5th, 1999 – Download here
– Mukhtar caught between a mosque and an art place, The Daily Star, October 15th, 1999 – Download part 1 and part 2
–  Rabih EL Chami, October 28th, 1999 – Download part 1 and part 2
– Al Mustaqbal, Rabih El Chami, October 29th, 1999 – Download part 1 and part 2

Contemporary Art from Lebanon, Borusan Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, 2000

Hamra Street Project, 2000

Audio Workshop with the British Council, 2001

Missing Links, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, 2001

Possible Narratives, VideoBrasil, 2003

Laughter | A program of theatre, installation, video and debate from Beirut produced in collaboration with LIFT/London International Festival of Theater, London, 2004

My Neck Is Thinner Than A Hair, Volumes 1-21 | A presentation by The Atlas Group in collaboration with Tony Chakar, Bilal Khbeiz, and Walid Raad, Beirut, 2004

Most Probably I will be Performing this Dream Tonight | Lecture, video installation, multimedia performance, publication, film screenings, Beirut, 2006

Traveling is Impossible | Harun, Kodwo and I (2006) Films by Harun Farocki and films by The Black Audio Film Collective, presented by Kodwo Eshun, Beirut, 2006

Meeting Points 5 Festival, 2007