Leen Charafeddine

Jan 18 - Feb 05, 2021

Mondays and Thursdays 5:00 pm-7:00 pm Beirut time

This workshop will be held online


Making in the digital world takes on an entirely new life when you are not only using available digital tools, but creating them. That is what lies at the heart of creative coding. The workshop introduces participants to coding through OpenFrameworks [OF], a tool that makes it much easier to make things with code. By the end of the workshop, they will understand the basic syntax of C++ and OpenFrameworks functions. They will write programs that:

1- Create 2-D static drawings

2- Create 2-D animations

3- Create 2-D interactive compositions (mouse-and-key-based)

4- Extract information from digital images, based on their pixel components (color, brightness, position) and translate this information into 2-D compositions.

There are no programming prerequisites for this workshop, and if you have experience with code (C++, Processing, P5js, etc.), you might find it quite slow.

*In the launching pre-session, we will discuss the parameters of creative coding, look at examples, then download the platforms we will need to start.

*Some material will become asynchronous video content (under an hour long) for you to watch and follow as homework.

*Attending every session. as well as watching the Asynchronous content are crucial. As you are learning a new language, you will find that if you spend a little bit of time even 10 minutes coding everyday, you will get the most out of it.


Capacity: 15 participants.

Leen Charafeddine is a graphic designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her practice is mostly focused on creating alternative pedagogical tools. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut, and an MA in Visual Communications from the Royal College of Art, London.  She is a self-taught creative coder in Processing, and attended online courses at The School for Poetic Computation in New York to learn OpenFrameworks.