Permanent Trespass (Beirut of the Balkans)

Sanja Grozdanić & Bassem Saad

Sunflower Theater

10-11 December | 8:00 PM

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In their first collaborative performance piece, Bosnian writer Sanja Grozdanić and Lebanese artist Bassem Saad examine various trials held at the International Criminal Court, as well as the disparity between historical narratives and one’s own experiences. In constructing national histories, supremacist aggressors, their victims, and the ICC are called upon to recognize the reality of particular genocides and the legitimacy of particular states. As the experience of violence escalates and intensifies, a semantic gap opens between the vocabulary through which that violence is described, and the ways in which it is experienced, akin to an endlessly repeated hallucination. 

Duration: approx. 50 min.

Language: Arabic and English

Performance (by and with): Sanja Grozdanić and Bassem Saad

Co-produced by Frankfurt LAB, Mousonturm, and Goethe-Institut Lebanon